Eyelash Club gives you the very latest innovation in strip eyelashes, sent directly to you each month or bi-monthly. 

Your pack will include...

Reusable eyelashes in the style of your choice. 
Black magic bond eyeliner, no glue needed
and Free Lash Wash for keeping your natural lashes and your strips clean. 

How to Apply:

1: Cleanse your eyelids with a suitable cleanser

2: If you wear eyeshadow, apply one coat of liner FIRST, then your normal eye shadow,

3: Add a second coat on top to give the lashes a clean liner to bond to.

4: Apply the liner - one to two coats are plenty. 

5: Apply the eyelash strip onto the lined eyelid, push onto the liner for good contact.

6: Blend your lashes and the strip lash using a spoolie.  

How to Remove: 

Remove the eyelash strip by peeling off gently,
clean the lash band and your eyelid using any suitable cleanser. 

Clean your strip eyelashes and blot dry.

When dry, store your eyelashes in their original container.

Take care for your eyelashes and they can be reused up to 30 times.

Enjoy your Eyelash Club Lashes!